Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Dear Mythology Kids,
I hope you have a wonderful weekend! I would take advantage of "College Day" which is scheduled for tomorrow.

This is what we accomplished:

1. Each student completed their "QUEST!" Some students still needed additional time, so I suggested that we finish the assessment on Monday. IF YOU MISSED CLASS, then I recommend you stop by on Friday AFTER school. If you don't ,then you will be further behind.

2. Students reviewed the literary tool of IRONY! WHY? Well, from this point until the end of the year, the myths all have elements of irony within them; consequently review this literary device is essential.

IRONY is  a literary tool that causes the audience to question possible attended outcomes.
  • Verbal Irony:  when a speaker speaks something contradictory to what he intends to. It is an intentional product of the speaker and is contradictory to his/her emotions and actions. 
  • Dramatic Irony:  when the audience has information that characters within the literary text do not. THIS IS THE MOST COMMON FORM OF IRONY!
  • Situational Irony: when the audience's expectation is completely different than the outcome.
3. Students were introduced to DIONYSUS/BACCHUS! Please communicate with a friend in order to obtain the information regarding Dionysus.Dionysus is the Greek god of performance(theater), wine, and merriment. He is also referred to as the "TWICE BORN!"

1. Please read the myth entitled "Dionysus" located on pg. 55 in your book. This is due on Monday!
2. Please view the film "Inja" (the dog) found on YOUTUBE. The film is approximately 15 minutes in length. Notice the image below. Watch the film once just for pleasure, then view it again, and as you do so, make a list of the irony examples found within the film. Use a sheet of notebook paper, and divide it in half vertically. On the left side write "EVENTS" and on the right side write "IRONY EXAMPLES and WHY."
When you watch the film a second time, record examples of irony located within "Inja." Write the event and then explain what irony is falls under.  Be aware that there are NO VERBAL IRONY examples; however, DRAMATIC and SITUATIONAL are prevalent. THIS IS DUE ON MONDAY!

Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...