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Friday, October 2nd, 2015

Dear Mythology Kids,

I hope you have a great weekend! If you missed class, we completed the following:

1. We read the following previous student's "Is Mythology a Lie" narrative. PLEASE READ THIS EXAMPLE. 

Kristen Hanson                                                                                                                        Hanson 1
Mrs. Crampton
Mythology, B4
4 October 2011
Shattered Mirrors and the “Naked” Eye
I was late for school this morning; I hate that feeling, especially when I have a significant assignment due that involves me giving a presentation.  I considered wearing my pajamas, but then I changed my mind because they are slightly too small in areas where they shouldn’t be; consequently, I knew that the school’s “dress code police” would require a change, so I settled on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that had grown accustomed to my floor. I knew that attempting to do something with the “clay” that was my face would end up being useless. I usually spend time “molding” it into a beautiful piece of art, but today it would be a unformed.. I kept checking the time, and decided that I could put my mascara on during a “may I please use the restroom” moment in one of my classes. I didn’t even brush my teeth, comb my hair, or use deodorant. I know, gross! I grabbed some gum and threw my hair in a ponytail.
“Can I fix you a piece of toast,” my mother asked, as I ran down the stairs frantically throwing the mascara into my backpack.
“No, I’m fine. I don’t have time. I’ll see you after school.”
“Don’t bother with the mascara; it’s not worth it. Be free today, sweetheart,” my mom yelled to me as I pulled my car from the garage.
I kept thinking, Not use mascara? I need the mascara. I NEED THE MASCARA!!!”
I had 15 minutes before the bell rang, and my home is located 10 minutes from the school. I felt confident that I might be able to apply my mascara before first period, at least that way no one would notice my poor wardrobe choice. I pulled into the school parking lot, just as the five minute bell rang for first period. I can do this, I thought to myself. I used the mirror from my compact and started hurriedly applying the mascara as I started speed walking to class.
I could feel the anxiety begin to build as the one minute bell rang for first period. I had only put mascara on one eye! I can do this. I’m going to appear as if I am put together, I thought to myself.
I ran down the hall tightly holding the mascara tube, and entered first period, just as the bell rang. A feeling of relief consumed me, but then I remembered my “naked eye.”
“Do you mind if I finish putting my mascara on?” I asked my teacher. I thought about using the bathroom excuse, but I was too weary from my attempt to make it to class on time.
“You don’t need make-up,” he replied, “but if it makes you feel more comfortable then go ahead.”
“You wouldn’t happen to have a mirror I could borrow? I have my compact, but it’s too small.”
He promptly went to the cupboard in the back of his room, and pulled out a hand held mirror, which reflected the whole of my face. I didn’t notice myself at that moment, but I should have seen the beauty that reflected back at me.
“This is perfect; much better than my compact.”
As I held the mirror in my left hand and started finishing the “dressing” of my other eye with mascara, the fire alarm went off, and the surprise caused me to drop the mirror; it completely shattered. The worse part was that my eye was still naked!
I looked at the shattered mirror on the floor. My reflection was distorted; yet, at the same time beautiful.
An announcement came over the intercom explaining that the alarm was a mistake. I started collecting the pieces of glass, and suddenly realized something: I did not need the mascara!
The shattered mirror offered me a different perspective on myself. I was beautiful without the mascara! I was that broken mirror. In fact, all people are like broken mirrors. They are flawed but beautiful fragments throwing images in a million different ways. People are like walking mirrors. Most of them are shattered. We are flawed on the outside and marred on the inside. We throw our image in different ways. Contrary to what many believe, everyone and their broken, flawed, dysfunctional way is beautiful.
Narcissus, wandered to the clear and polished pool. The silver waters were as clear and as smooth as a polished mirror.   Narcissus knelt down, tired and overheated from his hunting. He lay down upon the grass and quenched his thirst from the spring. Soon another kind of thirst arose within him. He gazed into the still water and beheld a from which gazed back at him. He became completely distracted with love for the reflection. (Stoddard, pg. 1)
I never considered the reflection in the mirror with its clean canvas, and one “mascaraed” eye as beautiful. Why was I so consumed with myself? The shattered reflection offered me a different point of view.
If Narcissus had only turned aside, the reflection would have faded away, and he might have known that his own reflection was what he loved---that his love had no independence from himself. (Stoddard, pg. 2)
The shattered mirror helped me realize that we are all flawed, though many wear masks, ashamed of their flaws.  Without flaws the world would be vacant. Without that snore in the night, it would be too quiet. Without that random snort, laughter would seem empty. Without that smack of the lips during meals, eating would be insistently dull. Flaw defines us and that is what makes us beautiful.
I believe that we are lost in our plunder for perfection. Women are expected to have flawless skin, ample breasts and tiny waists. Men are expected to be strong, handsome and athletic. We set these standards ourselves. No man or woman has ever said, “Hey! You have to be unflawed and beautiful or I won’t love you!” The people who couldn’t live up to those perfections went down an alternate road.  Mascara is a sham, muscles are over rated, and perfection is pointless.
Gazing sadly upon his image again, his tears created troubled circles upon the water, which made his image distorted and eventually vanish. He begged it to stay and beat himself upon the breast. Seeing this action reflected in the water, he could no longer bear his sorrow. (Stoddard, pg. 1)
I believe that there is not just one you inside you.  The fact is, there are many personalities and characteristics that define me, one little mascara label could never cover it all. As much as I would like to be unique in my ability to be undefined, everyone is like that. We are all just different blends of each other. No label could ever cover a human being. Girls slap layers of makeup and clothes on, fixing themselves up to today’s standards. Guys wear baggy pants with their hats turned sideways and flex their arms rather pathetically. Give it up; the only people you are fooling are yourselves.
Then Narcissus lay down and Death’s cold hands shut his self-admiring eyes. When the funeral pyre was built, no one could find Narcissus’s body. In its place was a yellow flower with tufts of white petals, which seemed to be called the Narcissus blossom. The flower’s face was lovely, but it was flawed in that it never brought its’ blossoms to the sky, but rather tilted its head toward the water as if  admiring itself.
I believe in shattered mirrors and eyes without mascara. I believe we are all broken in the most beautiful of ways. Accidents happen. Sometimes we trip and skin our knee. Like a mirror we are knocked over and clatter to the floor; sometimes shattering into pieces. However, we are all beautiful in our own ways. We throw images of ourselves; thousands of different personalities and characteristics bouncing off one another. I believe in beauty and its flawed amazing ways.

2. There were several of you that were gone on Friday. So, rather than choosing two myths for all of you, what I did was pull two myths from the "bag." Those myths are "ARACHNE" and "DAPHNE." Those of you that were absent, the focus for your TWO NARRATIVES are those myths. 

  • You must include dialogue
  • You must connect your personal story to the moral theme of the myth, by including text from the myth.
  • You must include a Works Cited page, as you are using text from the myth.
  • 500 words double spaced is the minimum lengh

1. Plan on taking the "QUEST" covering the Greek Pantheon on Thursday. Review by taking the practice quest, which is in my previous post. In addition, transfer the information from your yellow sheet to flashcards.
2. Your "Is Mythology A Lie" personal narratives are due on teh beginning of class. 

Your FINAL exam!

Dear Mythology Kids, It's nice to "see" you again. Let me offer some "study guidance" for your final exam. Please ...