Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This was the agenda for Tuesday, April 7th!

Dear All (I'm tired of writing "Mythology Kids"),

The following is your homework for Thursday:
1. Please read "The War between the Aesir and Vanir" pg. 7-9
2. Please read "Building the Wall of Asgard" pg. 9-14
3. "The First Humans" (located in your packet; it's the light green handout).
4. You will have a quiz on Thursday covering the above myths, "Lord of the Gallows," and the Runes!

Any questions???????

For those of you that weren't in class today, we shared information with each other regarding the research that each student did concerning their specific god. We will finish with this on Thursday. Specific information about the gods will not be on Thursday's quiz; however, the information will be on a quiz upon your return from Spring Break.
Here are some images of the characters we discussed today in class. I won't identify them for you. Why don't you see if you can on your own.

Practice quiz:

1. Why do the Aesir and Vanir trade gods?

2. What ends up happening to Mimir? What ultimately becomes of him? Explain.

3. Why are the Aesir so frustrated with the witch Gullveig?

4. Why do the Vanir think the Aesir have tricked them?

5.What does the term Rune mean?

6. Why does Odin stab himself prior to obtaining the Runes?

7. How were the first man and woman created?

8. What is the compromise that Odin makes with the mason concerning the rebuilding of Asgard's wall?

9. Why are the gods so annoyed at Loki regarding the building of Asgard's wall?

10. What price does Loki pay for his involvement with rebuilding Asgard's wall?

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday!



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