Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Lesser Gods and Monsters of Mythology

Dear Mythology Kids,

If you missed class today we completed the following:

1. We took and corrected our "Hades" quiz
2. Introduced to a research assignment regarding the lesser gods and monsters of Mythology.
Note: Each student selected TWO characters that are their research subjects.

1. Your "Underworld" assignment is due on Wednesday, November 11th.

a. You will submit three copies of the written portion (seven paragraphs elaborating on your sins and your final paragraph discussing your Elysium)

b. Your diagram is also due on Wednesday. Remember that you need to have an image of the punishment and an image of the sin. You need to identify each sin and the punishment you have assigned to the sin.

2. Depending on the characters that you research, each student will locate information at home via the Internet. Please DO NOT USE Wikipedia as a source. I would suggest ENCYCLOPEDIA MYTHICA as a stronger option. Some students elected to work with a partner, while others want to work independently. Which ever choice was made, two characters are the focus for the research. PLEASE PRINT OFF the INTERNET sources that you found useful in providing information about your characters. I will look at your Internet sources on Monday. In addition, you need to HIGHLIGHT information that is important to the mythological hero associated with your characters.

The following images depict characters and/or monsters that will be researched.

The monster known as Scylla

The lovers, Cupid and Psyche

The deadly Sirens...avoid their song!

The Minotaur

Heracles fighting the Nemean Lion

Happy Researching!

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