Friday, January 22, 2010

Disastrous Disney!

Dear Mythology Kids,

As you know, Disney films are not my favorites. This is due to the fact that Disney always "warps" the story they are re-telling. You were able to recognize this in class on Friday as you watched 15 minutes of Hercules. Disney's interpretation of the myth was quite poor. Even some of you have admitted that you considered Hades to be a malevolent character due to the impression Disney creates of Hades in the film. This illustrates the value of reading a text prior to watching the film version of it, so that you know what is "correct." I hope when you have time that you will watch the entire movie. It is entertaining to identify the MANY ERRORS within the film in comparison to the actual myth.

For those of you that were absent on Friday, we accomplished the following:

1. Reviewed for your quiz by discussing the aspects of irony within the myth.

2. Viewed 15 the first 15 minutes of Disney's Hercules. We completed a journal entry where I asked students to list all the inaccuracies concerning the myth of "Hercules" and mythology in general.

3. We completed our quiz covering Heracles. If you missed class, please come prepared to take the quiz on Tuesday.

DON'T MISS CLASS ON TUESDAY, as we begin our discussion of The Iliad. You have NO HOMEWORK over the weekend!

Take care,


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