Saturday, January 16, 2010


Dear Mythology Kids,
Many of you are missing class! STOP! If you know that you will miss class, then make the responsible choice to FIND OUT WHAT YOU WILL MISS prior to your absence.

The following is important:
1. Each student was given a different reading assignment based upon a tag stuck to their desk. The reading assignments are located on the bulletin board outside my classroom. For those of you that were absent, I have indicated below what section of the "Heracles" myth you were assigned to read for Wed. Pick up your reading assignment prior to Wed.

Aushel Asay-"Labors 7-10"
Tanner Prestwich-Labors 7-10
Lexin Rockwood-"Birth/Early Years"
Jacob Smith- "Labors11,12 and Death"
Jenny Bullock-"Labors 11, 12 and Death"

2. Please read "Hercules" in your textbook located on pages 166-179
3. Please read "Phaethon" in your textbook located on page 136

If you missed class on Friday, please be prepared to take your "Mythological Allusions" quiz on Wed. In addition, your Mythological Allusions assignment was due on FRIDAY! Those of you that were absent KNEW about the due date; consequently, you will need to submit your assignment with your new homework coupon. By the way, I distributed those on Friday!

Enjoy your long weekend!


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