Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heracles, the hero who suffered the most!

Dear Mythology Kids,

Don't forget that you will have a QUIZ covering the irony found within the myth of "Heracles," and how those aspects of irony add to the pathos experienced by our hero on Friday!

"How do I prepare for the quiz, Crampton?"

"Make sure you have read the myth of Heracles found on page 166 in your textbook. In addition, review the storyboard that we worked on in class on Wed. The examples of irony that we identified together will be the questions for your quiz.

"Will there be extra credit for this quiz?"

"Absolutely! I have listed the aspects of irony below. Respond to each one as if you were taking the actual quiz. Remember that you will have two of the six listed. If you review this way, you will clearly be successful, as you will have two of the six included below, you just don't know which two. You are to discuss the irony found in each excerpt from the myth of “Heracles,” and how the irony adds to the pathos experienced by Heracles. Please be thorough in your response; assume that your audience has no schema on the character of Heracles. Cut and paste the questions into a Word document, and then respond to them on your computer.

#1. "Alcemene's first son was given the name of “Heracles,” which means “glory of Hera.”

#2. “ Athena showed the child to Hera and urged the goddess to pity the beautiful child so cruelly neglected. Without questioning, Hera bared her breast to the baby.”

#3. " The priestess of Delphi instructed him to go to Tiryns and perform 10 impossible tasks devised for him by King Eurytheus.”

#4. "Before returning to Eurytheus to received his next labor, Heracles dipped his arrows in the poisonous blood of the Hydra. Therefore, anyone wounded with one of his arrows would die.”

#5. “ I must bring Alcestis back from the dead. I will go down to Hades to find her. I will return good to my friend who has been so good to me.”
#6. "He sent his servant home to Deianeira in order to obtain the special ceremonial shirt he wore on these religious occasions. When the servant mentioned to Deianeira that Iole was accompany Heracles, Deianeira fear that her husband loved the beautiful princess.”
We will complete your storyboard on Friday!

Your FINAL exam!

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