Friday, March 26, 2010

Norse Gods and their "toys"

Dear Mythology Kids,

I just completed correcting your "Norse Creation " quiz, and your scores were exceptional. There were a couple of you that needed to study a little more...remember that preparation is the key to success.

What did I miss on Friday, March 26th?

1. You have an assignment that is due on THURSDAY that involves some research. Each student has a tag on their desk with one of the Norse gods written on the tag. Your assignment is to research this particular god, and prepare a handout with your findings. Each of you should have a copy of the assignment in your packet (light blue handout).

B1: Hannah (Odin)
Suzie (Frigga)
Celeste (Thor)
Colton ( Frejya)

B2: Sheree (Balder)
Cortney (Tyr)
Lilli (Frigga)

B4: Katie K. ( Frejya)
Tyson E. (Hermod)
Katie M. (Loki)
Natalie Batty ( Frigga)
Janae ( Loki)

If your name is missing from the above list it means that I forgot you (never intentionally). Send me an e-mail and I can give you your assigned Norse god.

2. Please read pages 322-326 in your "old textbook; " the section is entitled "The Norse Gods"

3. Please read pages xxv-xxxii in your "Norse Mythology" text; the section is entitled "Pantheon."

4. Your "Ithaca" is due on Tuesday, March 30th! I can't wait to see and read your "creations."

5. Plan on a quiz covering the Norse gods/ Unusal characters on Thursday.

During Class......
1. We completed the quiz covering Yggdrasil and the "Norse Creation" myth.
2. We began discussing the Norse gods. This information is located on the back of your bright yellow sheet in your packet. Please obtain this information from another individual in class.

Big Hugs,

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