Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Wanderings of Odysseus

Dear Mythology Kids,

If you missed class on Friday, we completed the following:

1. The "Odysseus" storyboard......make sure you visit with someone regarding the order of events within the epic.
2. Everyone submitted their first set of annotations. Please visit with me, or a friend from class, in order to obtain the list of annotations you can use for the supplementary texts regarding The Odyssey.
3. We also reviewed the symbolic meaning behind each of the obstacles that Odysseus faces. Visit with a friend from class regarding these.

1. DESK TOP TEACHING is due on TUESDAY! Please let me know if I can assist you in any way. Remember that you MUST teach the etymology and the definition of your word. In addition, do not forget the TACTILE (feeling) aspect of teaching your word.

2. The revision for your "Hero Film Essay" is due on THURSDAY, MARCH 18th! I returned the essays on Friday. Please pick your essay up when you return to class on Tuesday.

3. Please read the supplementary material on The Odyssey. Annotate the pink sheet with 5-8 annotations, and the purple sheet with 10-12 annotations. This is due on Tuesday.

4. Your QUIZ covering The Odyssey will take place on Thursday, March 18th. I am actually considering giving it to you as a take home quiz, but I haven't come to a definite conclusion on that idea yet. We'll see......Anyway, I have posted the 6 questions for your quiz below. Remember that you will "blindly" CHOOSE ONE for your quiz. You may use your book, storyboard, and annotated pieces of text. The questions are essay in nature, and you MUST SUPPORT your ideas with examples from the The Odyssey. HINT: I would thoroughly consider each question making notes on each one. Those notes may be submitted for extra-credit points for your quiz.

#1. Trace Homer's thematic approach to "appearance vs. reality" in The Odyssey. Discuss the importance of this theme to events within the epic. Include three examples from your book and/or annotated texts to support your response.

#2. Discuss the literary element of Dramatic Irony found in The Odyssey. Remember that Dramatic Irony occurs when the audience has knowledge that the character(s) within the text do not. Identify three examples of Dramatic Irony within the epic poem. An explanation as to why irony heightens the reader's interest in The Odyssey is compulsory.

#3. Discuss the thematic approach concerning "identity" in The Odyssey. An explanation regarding the positive and negative effects of maintaining anonymity in contrast to identifying oneself must be part of your response. Identify three examples from your textbookI or annotated texts to support your points.

#4. Discuss the characters of Penelope and Telemachus in association with being "worthy partner" for Odysseus. Support your response with three textual examples.

#5. The concept regarding "power of cunning over strength" is a valid theme in The Odyssey. Discuss this thematic view, and the role it plays in the epic poem. Support your points with three textual examples.

#6. The customs involving "guest and host" were highly venerated in ancient Greek culture. Homer clearly valued these customs, and he recognized the role of the gods if these customs were not followed. Support Homer's view by explaining and indicating three examples from your textbook and/or your annotated sources.

I look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. We will finish The Odyssey on Tuesday!

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