Thursday, November 11, 2010

We completed the "characters" associated with Hercules today in class!

Dear Mythology Kids,

I am so proud of those that presented concerning Heracles; you have clearly done your research! In preparation for your quiz on Thursday, I have included a "practice quiz" for you below.

For those of you you missed class today, Thursday, November 11th we discussed the following characters associated with Heracles.....Nessus/Geryon/ Hebe/ Muses. In order to be prepared for the quiz on Monday, I would contact a friend that is currently in Mythology, or learn more about the characters through research. We also started our discussion concerning characters associated with Odysseus (Lotus-eaters/Laestragonians/Polyphemus/Aelous).

Practice Quiz covering "Characters associated with Heracles"

1."Stop acting so juvenile." _____________/_____________ (she has a Roman name)
2. "My car was stuck in the snow." _______________
3. We hate the sound of baby rattles. _______________
4. French, German, Latin, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Greek, Turkish, Arabic...the list could reach 100. __________________
5. While at the beach, a crab bit my heel (labor). ______________
6. "Hey, boss, you taste like chicken." ______________
7. Apollo is our master . ______________
8. Golden horns and bronze hooves _____________
9. Apples are a precious gift that must always be guarded ______________
10. "What a beautiful fur coat you have."
        "Thank-you, it's made of steal." _________________
11."I would have gladly given him my belt." __________________
12. "Love Potion" ____________
13. Foul Fowls ________________
14. Third and immortal wife of Heracles_____________/_____________
15. My blood is toxic _____________
16. I am suffering from cancer (labor) _______________.

I look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Friday, January 12th, 2018

Dear Mythology Kids, If you missed class today, I hope that you are not sick, and if you are missing class due to skiing, then have fun! I...