Monday, November 15, 2010

We completed the characters associated with Odysseus today in class!

Dear Mythology Kids,

I am so proud of your work concerning your presentations! Well done, "young Athenas!"

For those of you that missed class, we completed the following:
1. We took and corrected the quiz concerning "Heracles."
2. We completed the following characters associated with Odysseus:
             a. Circe/Tieriseis
             b. Scylla/Charybdis
             c. Calypso/Sirens

1. QUIZ covering the characters associated with The Odysseys. Please see the practice quiz below.
2. Please read "Glacus and Scylla" pgs. 296-297


1. "Drugs, enjoy them while they last." ______________
2. "Let's eat human kabobs for dinner. "______________
3. Odysseus and his crew helped themselves to my stores of cheese and milk.____________
4. "Do not eat the cattle of the sun god, Helios." _________________
5. God of the winds. _______________
6. We are "dying" to hear their song. __________________
7. My friend and I have a habit of not keeping our boyfriends for long. I've had six in the last few days, and she's had so many that I've lost count (any order).
7. ________________________ 8. _____________________
9. "You will set him free, or your little island will find itself at the bottom of Poseidon's sea. " ___________________ (B1 and B2 only)
1o. "Let's see...what animal does your male psyche resemble the most." _____________
11. Comes to her island after the destruction of Odysseus' men. ______________ (B4 only)

I look forward to seeing you on Wed.

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